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According to legend, The CIA, the FBI, and another ultra-secret agency concocted this strain from a slew of other exceedingly potent strains in the 1960s. After years of trial and error, a super secret sub-group of this combination perfected their Frankenstein’s Monster around 1970 at the University of Mississippi, only to have a sly unnamed technician steal a sample and begin breeding it for the masses. Of course, it is highly unlikely that any of this is true, but what a dope, dope story, huh?

Only fueling the rumors further, this incredibly potent strain is also called “Government Indica Strain 1” making the elusive truth of its origins even more intriguing.If you love an outrageous origin story, but love a strong, long lasting high even more, then this is a great bud to take for a test drive. G13 was bred to be the ‘perfect strain’ and comes damn close. Great flavors, great effects, and very little effort on the smoker’s part to get a long lasting high that’ll knock you off your feet? Check, check, and check.



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G13 Haze is a multi award-winning cannabis strain. It is a sativa-dominant variety combining G13 and Hawaiian Haze genetics.The effects of this strain are typical of a great sativa. Expect to be uplifted, creative, and extremely happy even after just a few hits from your joint or vape. This initial burst of energy and euphoria then slowly combines with subtle indica undertones that help relax your body and clear your mind.Buy G13 haze strain online Germany.This hybrid of G13 has been crossed with Haze.

For many users. This makes for a reliable daytime strain that allows them to enjoy the effects of cannabis without ending up glued to the couch digging through a pack of salted pretzels. Instead, it may help spark creativity in some users. While helping others stay relaxed and focused while handling work or other responsibilities. The average THC levels of this strain clock in at about 21%.

Given its effects, G13 Haze shows a lot of medical potential. Most users will find its long-lasting euphoria great for dealing with. A low mood as well as curbing stress or symptoms of depression.  Others may turn to the underlying indica effects for fast relief from pain or inflammation, while patients suffering from nausea may also find its high THC content beneficial. Whatever it is used for, G13 Haze is great daytime medicine, allowing patients to medicate with minimal unwanted side-effects.


The popularity of G13, unlike everything else about it, is no mystery. With the ability to give full body tingles and put users into an instant state of euphoria it’s not really a wonder why it’s a cult favorite. The effects are long lasting and have the tendency to put users into a deep trance, leaving you feeling heavy and dazed, a stage that eventually fades into a hard to interrupt sleep.

As this strain was designed to be medicinal, it is really useful in a host of different ways. Most notably, users love this strain for the all over pain relief it provides. Because of its numbing effects, this bud is known to ease aches, soreness, tightness in your muscles, and headaches. It also has a tendency to lift the spirit and put you in a  state. Making it perfect for symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and lack of appetite.


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